Sometimes some problems are encountered in the use of spring. The following explains for some spring
1. Vendent spring
The valve spring is affected by the high temperature and periodic high -frequency sexual changes. After a period of time, wear and plastic deformation will be produced, which weakens the elasticity, which will cause the valve to close the strictness, the power of the engine decreases, the exhaust smoke, and the difficulty of startup. Fault. Therefore, it is necessary to check the elasticity of the valve spring regularly. A small piece of iron can be matched between the old spring and the new spring, which is compared with the tiger's pliers to compare the degree of shortening. When the new spring is compressed to the original 2/3 length, if the old spring is 2mm shorter than the new spring, it should be replaced. If there is no spare parts for a while, you can put the flat pads around 2mm on the old spring to make up for the lack of elasticity. In general, the valve spring should be replaced after using 2500 to 3000H.
 2. Injury pump plunger spring
The oil -jet pump plunger springs will also wear and deform by the action of periodic high -frequency sexual changes, which shorten the free length and weaken the elasticity. After the elasticity weakens, the return speed of the plunger slows down. so. When the engine is running at a high speed, the reciprocating movement of the plunger cannot be coordinated with the high -speed rotation motion of the oil pump cam, which reduces the lift of the plunger. The fuel supply is reduced accordingly, resulting in a decrease in the engine power. Therefore, when the plunger spring is used 3600 to 4500h, it should be replaced in time.
3. Oil valve spring
After the elasticity of the oil valve spring weakened. It will cause severe high -pressure oil internal leakage, reduce the remaining pressure in the high -pressure oil pipe, and the oil outlet valves are not fast, which will even cause the fuel supply to be reduced and unstable. In addition, the injector will be sprayed with weakness, the oil is not crisp, and the dripping phenomenon after occurs. Therefore, the oil outlet valve spring should be replaced after using 3600-4500h. If there is bending and deformation, it should be replaced in time.