What are auto parts spring?

What are auto parts spring?

Springs are a vital part of the suspension system, without them, you would feel every bump and carry you drove over. Most vehicles are equipped with coil springs, which are steel bars bent into a flexible coil. The job of coil springs is to absorb the shock forces we encounter when driving over a bump in the road.

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Wenzhou Heli Spring Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992. It is a high-quality spring manufacturing enterprise integrating design, production, sales and service. The current products include: compression springs, torsion springs, extension springs, auto parts springs, wire forming springs and spring sheets, etc.

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What material are the shock absorber springs made of?

Automobile shock absorber springs are made of spring steel, which refers to the steel specially used to manufacture springs and elastic elements due to its elasticity in the quenched and tempered state. The elasticity of steel depends on its ability to elastically deform, that is, within a specified range, the ability to elastically deform so that it can withstand certain loads without permanent deformation after the load is removed.

What material are the shock absorber springs made of?

Introduction to the function of the spring shock absorber

The choice of damping spring size depends on the amount of anti-vibration force required to avoid pipe vibration. If the required anti-vibration force can be calculated through the dynamic analysis of the pipe according to the quality and stiffness of the pipe and the periodic or impact force acting on the pipe from the outside, the specification of the damping spring should be selected according to the calculated accurate value, and the spring should be determined. The initial force of the preload.

Introduction to the function of the spring shock absorber

What is the role of car springs?

Automobile springs have the characteristics of elongation and compression, which can absorb and release the bouncing of the vehicle when passing through uneven roads, reduce the bouncing range of the vehicle, and keep the wheels in contact with the road as much as possible. The energy generated during the elongation process is converted into heat by the shock absorber and diffused into the air.

The automobile clutch damping spring has three characteristics

1. It is a protective measure to reduce the excessive force of the clutch, and to protect the clutch steel plate and spline.
2. A cushioning measure for unstable clutch operation.
3. When the car is traveling on a bad road, when it is transmitted to the engine through the transmission system, it is necessary to relieve the collision with the engine through the clutch damping spring, so that the engine can prevent the collision and play a stable role.
The working principle of the shock-absorbing spring of the clutch: when a stationary object or a slow-moving object is suddenly pushed by a moving object or suddenly pushed by an object faster than the object, it is an impact, and a shock is generated when the impact occurs. Impact force; when both speeds are the same, the impact force disappears at the same time. Clutch damping spring can play a buffering role

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Coil suspension springs are designed to absorb the impact of driving over rough terrain, and also help keep your vehicle at the correct height.

Coil springs don't need any maintenance, but they might need to be replaced. One reason is when a coil spring breaks. A broken coil spring is a safety concern. Not only is your suspension not working as it's supposed to, but a sharp fractured piece of a coil spring can puncture a tire or jam some other part.

Auto parts Spring is made of spring steel, which refers to steel specifically used to make springs and elastic elements due to its elasticity in the quenched and tempered state. The elasticity of steel depends on its ability to deform elastically, that is, within the specified range, the ability to deform elastically allows it to withstand certain loads, and no permanent deformation occurs after the load is removed.

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