What is a compression spring

What is a compression spring

Compression springs are open-coil helical springs that contain the highest potential energy when the component is compressed. They are used to resist applied compression forces or to store energy in push mode.

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Compression springs are generally wire coiled at equal pitches and have a fixed wire diameter. In addition, there are also conical compression springs, or a combination of conical and linear springs. Depending on the field of application, compression springs can be used to resist pressure and/or store energy. Round wire is the most commonly used compression spring, but there are also compression springs made from square, rectangular and specially shaped wires.

Compression spring product features

Compression springs provide resistance to external load pressure. Compression springs are generally wire coiled at equal pitches and have a fixed wire diameter. Compression springs use multiple open coils to provide resistance to external load pressures, such as gravity pressing down on a wheel, or your body against a mattress.

Compression spring product features

Characteristics of compression springs

Compression springs provide a fixed force against external load pressure. Compression springs are usually wire coils with equal pitch and a fixed wire diameter. Compression springs use multiple open coils to provide a fixed force to an externally applied pressure (such as gravity pressing down on a wheel, or your body pressing against a mattress). That is, they push back with external pressure. The working stroke of the compression spring is the distance between the initial position and the compressed position. The compression spring (compression spring) is a coil spring that bears downward pressure. , the springs are usually equidistant;

Applications of compression springs

Compression springs are the type used in appliances, motorized equipment, electric motors, and more. Compression springs are compressed by a load acting on them or their ends are compressed by the design of the wire trying to return the spring back to its original shape, thereby pushing the load back. Main application directions: medical respiratory equipment, medical mobile equipment, hand tools, home care equipment, shock absorption, engine valves, etc.

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Our compression springs can be used in automotive hardware accessories, electrical equipment, electronic products, medical equipment, aerospace, fitness equipment parts, industrial equipment, mechanical parts, office equipment, children's toys and other fields.

Advantages of our springs: Springs have a very wide range of applications and are suitable for almost every industry. We have a wealth of raw material storage and can quickly manufacture springs. Our springs have good elasticity, high temperature resistance, environmental protection and no pollution, strong pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for Wide range and so on.

Our springs offer custom services. Including the size, material and packaging of the compression spring, it can be customized according to customer requirements.

1.The specifications of each spring are different, and the design has been determined, and the compression spring should not be easily replaced with each other when used, nor can it be modified at will. 2.When repairing and maintaining the mold, the old and new springs should not be mixed in different applications, which will cause the spring to receive uneven load, which is the failure of the spring with large load. 3.Repairers often correct the standard spring due to the lack of suitable springs in use, such as truncation, grinding the inner and outer diameters or series springs, which will cause the spring to not adhere to the original characteristics, resulting in premature failure.

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