What is a torsion spring

What is a torsion spring

Torsion springs are a type of flat spiral coil or helical shaped spring used in applying a torque or store rotational energy. Unlike other springs such as compression or extension springs that require a linear force to push or a pull, torsion springs store and release rotational energy via torque as a measure of force. Torque causes the spring to rotate on its axis when applying or resisting a load. 

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What are its application areas?

A torsion spring is a spring used to store torque energy, usually made of cylindrical steel wire or ribbon steel rolled into a spiral shape. The role of a torsion spring is to convert torque into elastic energy in order to release or transfer this energy when needed. Torsion springs are widely used in various mechanical and electronic equipment, such as automobiles, power tools, toys, clocks, etc. They are also used to control and regulate movement and force in devices such as robotic arms, door locks, tape drives, etc. Torsion springs are also commonly used in the manufacture of machinery, aerospace and aerospace devices, and medical equipment.

Choice of torsion spring

1. The elastic tension of the spring: the stronger the elasticity, the stronger the endurance of the spring.
2. Fatigue resistance: It is necessary to prevent the spring from fatigue fracture.
3. Softness: The flexibility is related to the texture of the spring.

Choice of torsion spring

How to calculate torsion angle and torque of a torsion spring?

The torsion angle and torque force of a torsion spring can be calculated by the following formula:

θ = (8FD^3n)/(Gd^4)

T = (πD^3nGθ)/(32L)

where θ represents the torsion angle (radians), T represents torque (Newton·m), F represents the applied force (Newton), D represents the spring diameter (meters), d represents the spring wire diameter (meters), n represents the total number of turns of the spring, L represents the spring length (meters), and G represents the shear modulus of the spring material (Pascal).

Features of torsion springs

1. Mitigate impact and absorb vibration: This spring has great elastic deformation ability and can absorb vibration and impact.
2. Movement of the control mechanism: This kind of spring requires almost no transformation force within the certain deformation range.
3. Stored energy: This type of spring requires greater elasticity and a more stable force.
4. Measure the size of the force: This kind of spring requires a linear relationship between the force and the deformation.

Features of torsion springs
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Torsion springs are helical springs that exert a torque or rotary force. The ends of a torsion spring are attached to other components, and when those components rotate around the center of the spring, the spring tries to push them back to their original position.

Torsion springs tend to be stronger and more durable than extension springs. And though they are more expensive, they last longer, between 15,000 and 20,000 cycles as opposed to 10,000 cycles with extension springs. They also offer greater balance and show more control when moving, not jerking as the door moves.

The reason torsion springs are quieter is because they are located on the wall near the door instead of over the tracks. This leads to less noise transmission when someone opens or closes the door. If you are concerned about accidents, the torsion spring is the way to go.

The manufacturing process of torsion springs usually includes the following steps: First, the appropriate material is selected and processed according to the needs, such as drawing, cutting, polishing, etc. Secondly, according to the design requirements and size requirements, bending and winding are carried out using a torsion spring machine or by hand, so as to form the desired shape and elasticity. Finally, torsion springs are heat treated or surface treated to improve their strength and corrosion resistance, and testing and quality control are carried out.

Selecting the appropriate torsion spring should be selected according to the specific application scenarios and requirements. First, factors such as the required torsional force, elastic deformation and working environment need to be determined. Secondly, the production and cost of torsion springs need to be considered according to factors such as the selected material, size and process. Finally, experimental verification and quality testing are required to ensure that the selected torsion spring meets the requirements.

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